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      • Q6, your liquid bag can be used repeatedly? Accessories can be recycled in the use of it?

        The liquid bag produced by GFL can be used only once, and there is a risk of leakage.
        GFL liquid bag accessories only support the steel pipe (no abnormal, no deformation) can be recycled, need to consult with the customer recycling mode

      • Q5, do you have a liquid bag?

        The main raw material used GFL liquid bag production of all internal independent production, strictly control the quality of products, GFL liquid bag with double sealing technology and unique production process have to be supervised, and the production process of setting CCP, control and warning by SPC

      • Q4, what is the temperature of the liquid in your bag?

        GFL container liquid bag, in order to ensure maximum safety liquid bag transport, it is recommended that the customer's loading and transportation of liquid temperature range should not exceed: -10

      • Q3, can you provide the service and the use of training?

        For the first time the use of GFL container bags of customers, we will be a professional team to provide you with a comprehensive use of training services, so that customers can master the use of skills, and to provide customers with a variety of liquid bag use information

      • Q2, the international shipping company can accept and carry the container liquid bag container?

        In order to require the safety of the famous, the United States President of the two shipping companies, has already begun to carry cargo container liquid cargo, it is important that the shipping companies on the container liquid bag suppliers and service providers have professional requirements

      • Q1, your liquid bag is a few layers? How much liquid can be shipped?

        GFL liquid bag using food grade imported raw materials into a multilayer liquid bag (4PE+1PP/3PE+1PP/2PE+1PP/ single bag / car bag / red wine special bags, etc.)

        You can ship 14-26 liters of liquid (can be customized according to customer requirements)

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