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Brief Introduction Of Flexitank

The container liquid bag as a novel soft packing container of non hazardous liquid cargo storage and transport, each container can be placed in just 20 feet container, the volume of 14-24 cubic meters, up to 24000 litres of liquid storage and transp

IBC liquid ton bag

IBC tannage is a traditional iron drum, plastic IBC and container iso tank container ideal alternative products. It is composed of high strength cardboard box and the food grade in the cabinet. Each IBC can carry up to 1200 litres of non-hazardous liquid

Bulk Liner

Container bulk liner bag with container transport, can be shipped in large tonnage of solid bulk granular / powder raw materials. As compared with a traditional woven bag and tons have more economic and convenient way, is currently widely used in growing


The valve is made of food-grade polypropylene material, divided into 2" and 3 ", and 3" valves can be converted into 2" or 2.5" valves by'. Flexible application in different loading and unloading customers.

Company Profile

Qingdao Global Flexitank Logisitcs Co.,Ltd,headquartered in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, is dedicated to the production of high quality plastic products of the modern manufacturing enterprises, mainly the production of liquid container bags, plastic film, plastic packaging, plastic accessories and other products. 

The company has advanced production equipment and technology, is the world's first independent research and development of the full automatic liquid bag production line of enterprises, is expected to produce maximum production capacity 600 thousand.


Qualification Certification

  • CQC

  • IONet

  • China Railway


  • Cargill food


  • UKAS

  • EC

  • FDA

  • SKS


  • SGS

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Q: how many layers do you have? How much liquid can be shipped?

GFL Flexitank using food grade imported raw materials into a multilayer...


Company to the famous insurance company to buy the global scope of social responsibility insurance,

Insurance paid up to $6000000 per accident...

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